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Pre-ballet: Pre-Ballet classes introduce the young dancer to the joy of movement, as well as to the age appropriate vocabulary and technique of ballet. Using music, stories, rhythm games, and poetry, children develop an awareness of the relationship of movement to their mind and increase motor skills in a cheerful and supportive environment.

Ballet/Tap combo classes: These classes are perfect for young dancers who are ready to learn both the discipline of ballet and the rhythm and excitement of tap dancing. Half of the class is spent learning basic ballet placement and terminology, and half on tap rhythms and technique. The array of music and highlighting of different styles is wonderful to create a well-rounded beginning dancer.

Ballet: At Harbor Dance, ballet instruction is of the highest quality. This demanding performing art allows dancers to develop their highest level of physical accomplishment, discipline, and artistry. A combination of the Italian and Russian techniques is used to help each dancer achieve strength, flexibility, and the mind/body connection that transfers to excellence in every area of their lives.

NEW Ballet Fusion:  Using the principles of classical ballet technique as a foundation, dancers will work on style, musicality, rhythm, and personal improvisational skills.  This class is designed for the intermediate to advanced dancer who wishes to explore the melding of ballet, jazz, and contemporary techniques as they are often used in the professional commercial industry.

Tap: American dance form in which rhythm is sounded out by taps on the heels and toes of the dancer's shoes.

Broadway Musical Theater: Dancing as seen on Broadway, in movies, and in theatre. Although jazz evolved from ballet, it is faster, more dynamic, and predominantly uses parallel positioning rather than utilization of turn-out.

Hip-Hop: Popular urban dance associated with rap music and the styles of inner-city cultures.

Jazz/Lyrical: This form of dance encompasses many varieties and styles, including lyrical and contemporary jazz. Jazz denotes a form of dance that is free, expressive, where most technique is parallel rather than turned out, and upbeat in tempo.

Contemporary: Derived from modern, and post-modern forms, this form of dance utilizes : centering, alignment, gravity, breath, contraction, release, fall and recovery, suspension, balance and off-balance, tension and relaxation, opposition and emotion.

Acrobatics: In this class, students focus on specific jumps, turns and gymnastics/tumbling moves which can enhance their repertoire in dance ability, flexibility, strength, and control.  Class time is spent learning gymnastic skills with mats, tumbling, and rigorous stretch/strengthening exercises.