Harbor Dance
6820 Kimball Drive Suite E
Gig Harbor, WA 98335
Telephone: (253) 858-5550
Email: info@harbordance.net

Class and Studio Policies



  1. Tuition is due on the first of each month. Payments are expected to be on time and are considered late as of the 10th of each month, at which a tuition increase of $10 will be incurred.
  2. Tuition may be paid by cash, check, Visa, MasterCard, or Discover Card.
  3. Tuition is non-refundable and remains the same whether the month contains five weeks or three weeks, regardless of holidays or absences. Calculation is based on the studio's ten month season. Missed classes due to illness, injury, school based graded activity (i.e. band concert) may be made up in another class appropriate to your dancer's age and ability level.
  4. Please make checks payable to Harbor Dance. All cash payments must be made at the desk. Please put student's name on each check. A $25 fee will be incurred for each returned check or any other returned form of payment.
  5. If your account is delinquent, the above late fees will be assessed. A consistently delinquent account may result in a suspension of a student's participation in classes. All fees and costume money must be current in order for a student to partake in the studio recital. If you are having financial difficulties, please contact the office.
  6. Tuition does not include the cost of shoes, dancewear, costumes, or recital tickets. These items will be an additional cost to the parents.



Registration Fee (annually) - $25 per student; $50 family maximum.



Mid-month start policy


Students who join class mid-month will pay a pro-rated tuition for the first month only. It may be advisable for the student to come in for extra help to catch up with the rest of the class in order to participate in the year end recital. While there can be exceptions, generally we will not accept new students for showcase participation after March 1st. After February 1, we will need to get instructor permission before allowing new students into class.




Attendance is very important for a student to have a meaningful experience in any academic endeavor. Absences and tardiness and can be very disruptive as it may hold back not only the student but the whole class. Furthermore, by being tardy, the student becomes more prone to injury by missing warm-up and important stretching exercises. If a student is consistently late or misses too many classes, he or she may be held out of a performance if deemed necessary by the instructor and studio director. If a dancer is injured, they are still encouraged to attend and watch the class.  Learning to dance is much like learning math or any complex subject; one skill must be mastered in order to build upon for the next skill.  Excessive absenteeism can prevents this from happening.


Studio Etiquette

Please help us keep our facility clean and orderly, and noise should be kept to a minimum. Eating is allowed only in the seating area and water only in an unopened container is allowed in the studios.  We expect use of good manners and behavior at all times.  Respect and kindness to others is of high importance to us.


Weather Cancellations


Harbor Dance typically follows the Peninsula School District closures. Please see our home page for weather cancellation notices to be posted.  Email notification will be sent as well. There will be no refunds due to weather cancellations, but make-up classes will be allowed.  Please note; on occasion, the roads will clear in the afternoon and classes may be held at Harbor Dance although Peninsula School District schools may have been closed for the day. 

Dress Code

Ballet - Girls: 

Leotard Colors

Preballet 1 & 2      Ages 3 & 4        Pink no skirt permitted

Preballet 3             Age 5                Lavendar cap sleeve 

Ballet 1                  Age 6                Light Blue cap sleeve

Ballet 2-3               Age 7-8             Burgundy cap sleeve           

Ballet 4                 Ages 9-10          Forest Green cap sleeve

Ballet 5                 Ages 11-12        Navy cap sleeve

Ballet 6, 7, 8          Ages 12+           Black any style:

           ·         Pink tights (no shiny/Lycra tights, no holes in tights, no underwear)

            ·         Pink leather ballet slippers, or Canvas for levels 4 and up.

            ·         Leotard (color appropriate for the Level)

             ·         Mid-length to long hair is required to be pulled back into a neat bun and fastened securely using                    pins and a hair net. Short hair needs to be fastened away from face. 

             ·        Wrap sweaters and legwarmers may be worn at the barre only at the instructor's discretion and                    only in the winter months. All extraneous apparel must be shed after barre warm up.  We do                         not allow bare midriffs.   All dancers should cover up before leaving the studio.  

             ·        Jewelry should be minimal: small earrings are okay. NO watches or Fitbits permitted. NO facial                     jewelry, no necklaces. (nose rings, etc.).

              ·         Shoes should be neatly sewn with like color thread. NO safety pins.

              ·         Dancewear is to be kept laundered and in good repair. Any holes should be mended with same                     color thread.

           ·         Please mark clothing, shoes and dance bags with the student’s name and class level.







  • Boys: Black tights, jazz pants, or short pants, white socks, white t-shirt, white or black ballet shoes.

    Tap, Jazz/Lyrical, Musical Theater, and Hip-Hop: Comfortable clothing that is exercise appropriate. No jeans or bare midriff allowed.  Tops should not be baggy as instructors must see the dancer's lines.  Appropriate footwear must be worn, and clean tennis shoes for hip-hop are allowed, but they must be worn only in the studio and not outside. For jazz levels 1-3, jazz shoes should be tan.  No jewelry or watches allowed. Small pierced earrings are permitted in classes with the exception of acrobatics. 

    Acrobatics:  Leotard with non-baggy shorts or leggings, and hair up and away from the face.  Barefeet.  No jewelry or watches.  Small earrings okay. Convertible/footed tights or bare legs okay.


    Recital Information and Policies

    A $25 fee per family is due each year to participate in recital.  This fee helps us defray the costs of putting on a production.  Costs include but are not limited to:  Theater rental, tech crew, staff payroll, program printing fees, backdrop fees, props, and the massive amount of added help it takes to create a magical and memorable event.  

    * Accounts must be paid in full for a dancer to participate in recital.  

    * Photoshoot:  this is held in June for 1 week.  Our photographer is a local business person, Lisa Hystek of Lisa Hystek Photography  www.lisahystekphotography.com.  Photos are taking during or near to regular class times with the exception of Saturday classes and Thursday morning classes.  Payments and orders are made directly through her.

    * Costumes may be required for classes performing in recital. Some classes aquire their own costumes such as hip hop.  Costumes fees run anywhere from $40-$80 plus tax.  We do our best to keep prices reasonable.   Costumes may not     be taken home unless paid for and account balance is current.  

    * Costumes are at the participant's expense and are NON-REFUNDABLE because they are non-returnable.  Costume      companies are quite firm on this.

    * Recital is tyically held at Peninsula High School toward the end of the month of June each year.

    * Recital is optional.  

    * Fees you can expect if participating in recital include but are not limited to: Costume fees, tickets ($15/adult, $12/senior over 60 and children ages 5-9, free for children 4 and under if sitting on a parent's lap), DVD's $25 for the first copy and $20 per additional are optional, Flowers for pre-sale are optional, photoshoot fees again are optional. We do offer a multi-show discount.