Harbor Dance
6820 Kimball Drive Suite E
Gig Harbor, WA 98335
Telephone: (253) 858-5550
Email: info@harbordance.net


My daughter has had the pleasure of being a student at Harbor Dance since its inception.  The owners, instructors, fellow dancers and families have been nothing but kind and respectful.  I highly recommend Harbor Dance to anyone looking for a dance home. 

Nicole Nesbitt


I just wanted to let you know what an amazing ballet recital you put on this year!    I loved it!  Feed back that I kept hearing was that people were very impressed with the quality of performances!   One person even commented that some so the dancers looked professional. The variety show was so entertaining too!  I over heard a couple  people commenting on how good the Sabre  dance was!    Thank you for all your hard work putting together this show.  

Carolyn Buttafoco



I cannot tell you how wonderful the dance experience has been for Gabrielle. She learned a tremendous amount and also had tons and tons of FUN! Simone and Giselle and Miss Kristine are such amazing teachers of dance. Wishing all the best for you all and the studio!  

Marla and Gabrielle



Thank you for sharing your letter. It was very touching, and reiterated why I, and so many other parents, love Harbor Dance. It is because of you. You and the other instructors who don't just teach our children to dance, but guide our children in life. You help mold their hearts and spirits with every hour, every smile, every correction, and gentle (or not so gentle) look. We entrust hem to you, and the care and honesty with which you interact is not taken lightly. You are so very appreciated. God Bless.
Heather C



I just wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed recital. I mean, honestly, you guys put on a heck of a show! And your choreography......it's like your brand. Girls come out, music starts, they start to dance....."oh this is Simone's". You are so talented. My aunt came to Friday's variety show to watch Audrey :) She was like, "wow, did Simone train at Joffrey?". My aunt loves dance and said your choreography reminded her of some dancers she's seen from there :) 
Anyhoo - this email is basically to say you are rad - I love your work - I think you are awesome - you motivate the girls in such a positive way - Audrey adores you and she will be back for Acro 4 next year :) In addition - she signed up to try hip hop and tap over the summer.
Stacy G

I wanted to take a moment to thank you for all the time and effort you put into the production of LOC and in supporting the dancers at the studio.

 Kelsey’s grandmother had an opportunity to attend the performance and she commented on how far Kelsey’s dancing has progressed.  I agree, and I see other things that are in a sense far longer lasting that the studio has helped develop in my daughter. 


When my daughter first joined the performing group in 2014, she was so nervous for her first performance at the Festival of Trees that she felt sick to her stomach.  After a year in PG at the 2015 Festival of Trees performance she couldn’t wait to get out of the car and join her team.  She was happy and excited with a big smile on her face.  Getting up and dancing in front of a couple hundred strangers was nothing to get nervous about.  I wish I’d had that kind of self-confidence at 15!


I have been in awe watching the girls line up for their numbers at performances and quietly wait.  I may not have seen them before every performance but the impression I get is they are ready to go and know not to distract from those performing on stage.  We’ve learned to get things ready a day or two before a show or competition.  Being on time and respectful in class are emphasized at the studio.  The letter sent out earlier in the year about the ballet classes was a good reminder to everyone about respect and developing professionalism.

 A Supportive Environment

Being supportive and kind to others is an important trait to acquire in life.  One of my favorite quotes is from Maya Angelou.  “I've learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.”  The program you have in the newsletter about “caught being kind” and the NUVO scholarship going to the Harbor Dance student who helped the injured dancer during competition are great examples of how Harbor Dance promotes a supportive environment.

 Thank you for instructing my daughter in dance and the more important lessons in life.  I may not say it often enough, but I really do appreciate what you’ve done in helping her become who she is.

 Megan Queen Buck